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Heated Seat Covers

Heated seat covers are a great way to keep warm in your car. Heated seats are a costly upgrade to cars and many cars still lack heated seats as a feature. Especially if you are buying a used car. With heated seat covers, you are able to increase the comfort you have in your car.

A heated seat cover plugs into your cigarette lighter port and slips on over your existing seat. When you slip the heated seat cover on a variety of different designs are used to secure the cover down. Some of them have clips while others have Velcro straps. It depends on the model that you get.

These comfort enhancing devices can range anywhere from $25 on up, depending on the features that you want.


Universal Fit And Complete Coverage

Almost all heated seat covers are designed to be universal. You can use them on any vehicle seat with very few exceptions. With cars that have built-in heated seats, you will find that coverage is pretty limited and spotty because the heat has to come through the thick seats. With heat seat covers you get consistent and wide coverage.


Getting Into Your Car

For many drivers, their car's heater won’t warm up for at least 10 minutes after the car starts. With a heated seat cover,

you don’t need to worry about the car being cold. Heated seat covers warm up in a couple of minutes. Once they are warm you enjoy the comfort in your car.

Some heated seat covers even come with remote controls so that you can start them before you get in the car. For remote starting of your seat heater, you will need a cigarette lighter that is always on or to idle your car while the seat warms up.


Whenever You Are In The Car

Your heated seat cover will work in the car no matter what you are doing in the car. Whether you are driving to and from work or sitting in the car while you wait for something.

There is no need to be cold in your car at any point. As long as your car has a cigarette lighter that works when the ignition is off, you don’t even have to run the car. Just don’t leave it on for too long or you might drain the battery.


Works On The Passenger Seat

You will find that heated seat covers that fit the driver’s seat will also fit the passenger’s seat. This allows you to have an option for both the driver and the passenger to keep warm. During the cold months, this can be critical.


Not Limited To Front Seat

Heated seat covers are not limited to the front seats of the car. You can also get back seat covers that span the whole bench seat. This allows everyone to be warm while you travel. Depending on the seat cover you choose it may only cover the bottom of the seat. Other options cover the full back seat or each seat individually.

A rear heated seat cover allows your kids and pets to be warm in your car too. Kids and pets are extra vulnerable to the cold so keeping them safe is important.


Cigarette Lighter Splitters

Some cars are very limited in the number of cigarette lighter ports that are available. You can split lighter ports two, three, or even four ways. Just be careful how many devices you plug into one cigarette lighter port.

In cold climates, heated seats are a necessity. They help to provide that extra bit of warmth to keep you vigilant while driving. There are a number of heated seat options for you to choose from. Browse and find the option that is right for you.