The Ultimate Guide To Choosing Heated Car Seat Covers

Heated Car Seat Covers

Extra Driving Comfort And Back Soreness Relief

Not all of us have been blessed with living in a warm climate. Although a colder climate has its advantages, no one likes to feel cold during their daily commute.

Worse, going on a long journey during a cold day can minimize the excitement of the journey because of the freezing temperatures in the car.


Car heating can help with this problem. However, many of the most advanced car heating technologies are not able to heat the area between the seat and the passenger’s body.


That’s why heated auto seat covers are so important on those cold days. A heated car seat cover is able to heat the area of the car that most car heating systems are unable to reach. The warmth coming close to your back creates a feeling of comfort and relaxation.


Effective And User-Friendly

The main advantage of heated auto seat covers over simply heated car seats is that heated car seat covers are regulated more easily than heated car seats.

Heated car seat covers either have just an on/off function or at most, 2 heating regimes. Heated car seat covers offer much greater flexibility and options in heating regimes.


Also, car seat covers tend to warm up faster than car seats with built-in heating tools. On a cold day, every second when you don’t feel warm feels like a century. With a heated cover, the warmth comes easily and in a quick manner.

A car heated seat cover, because of its lightweight and easy portability, has a great advantage of preventing overheated car seats. In addition, car seat covers are removed easily from one car and used in the other.


Saying that, they can be used for many years and for many different cars. While a heated car seat functions only in one car and is directly tied to one as well.

A heated car seat cover does not have this problem and can be used in any car, big or small. Now you don’t have to feel cold in an old pickup, tractor, or any other car. Heated car seat covers can be used in all cars that have seats.


Benefits Of Heated Car Seat Covers

Heated auto seat covers, first of all, are great protection from the daily wear and tear on your car. A car seat cover is an easy way to protect your car seats from accidentally spilled drinks or food. Also, any dirt that gets into your car will not end up on your car seats, if they are protected by covers.


You won’t have to pay massive sums for the interior cleaning of your car if you use car seat covers. Covers can be removed and washed easily, hence they can save you decent amount of money on car cleaning.

Things To Keep In Mind When Choosing Heated Car Seat Covers

The most important decision when choosing a car heated seat cover is all about choosing either a simple car seat cover without any additional functions or a car seat cover with additional functions. These functions can be massage functions, thermostats, and automatic shut-offs.


An integrated massage function is one of the most popular extra functions. Although this add-on may not be necessary for most buyers, car owners going on longer commutes will surely appreciate the massage function.

A feeling of warmth coupled with a great massage is a great way to save time and feel like in a spa while going on a car ride. Even more, most car covers with a massage function come with up to 10 massage programs.


With varying intensities and regimes available, even the most tired back will be massaged thoroughly and efficiently.

The heated auto seat covers without a thermostat are almost unheard of these days. However, you can still encounter such covers (without integrated thermostats) in some stores.


A thermostat offers an easy way to control your heated car seat cover’s temperature and prevents it from overheating. Buying a car heated seat cover guarantees that your cover will always be neither too hot, nor too cold.

Handy Auto Switch Off Function

An automatic shut-off function is generally integrated with the thermostat or can work independently. The automatic shut-off most often shuts down heating after half an hour.

This function is an easy tool to prevent accidents and overheating. A car seat cover intended for more inexperienced drivers or the elderly is ideally equipped with an automatic shut-off function to prevent accidents caused by forgetfulness.


Another choice owners make, when choosing heated car seat covers, is their design. Car seat covers can be lighter or brighter than the interior of the car. Seat covers can even feature illustrations of your favorite pop culture heroes.


Choosing The Suitable Design

Lighter-colored car seat covers will add brightness to the interior of the car. However, any spill or dirt that ends on the cover will be seen very easily. Darker-colored car seat covers add elegance to any car. Any spots on a dark seat cover won’t be seen easily.


Heated auto seat covers are powered from the 12V cigarette lighter switch. They are also connected to the electric outlet by a simple cable.

Seat covers vary by the length of the electric cable that connects them to the outlet. A cover with a smaller cable may be ideal for a small car or a seat close to the electric outlet.


However, for larger cars and car seats that are further away from the outlet, a small cable may create a problem. That’s why when choosing heated car seat covers, it is important to gather information on the length of the cable connecting the cover to the outlet.


Otherwise, you could buy a perfect heated cover, yet it may not function, as its cable would be too small to reach your car’s electric outlet.


A great investment for any car owner, a heated car seat cover is a portable, lightweight, and modern device. Creating a warm and relaxing atmosphere on a daily commute or a longer trip has never been easier with a heated car seat cover. The heated cover is a great investment for your comfort.

Not only do heated covers warm you up, but they also protect car seats from daily wear and tear and any accidental spills. A massage and a warm back during your car journey is now possible with a heated auto seat covers.

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